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JAG~Beat-a-phex JAG~Beat-a-phex

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Fucker! You had to keep me up so that I can hear your new jam. This is way better than the ground zero demo, now the question is,how do you make this longer, different, and still keep the same quality?

Hopefully someone will use this in a flash movie

beatmasterJAG responds:

Theehehe, don't worry...I have a whole weekend to master this beauty. And a lot of ideas....Glad you liked it, all this positive feedback makes me want to have it complete this instant.

Oh, and I am not sorry you stayed up was good for you to experience this :P

JAG~Gr0und Zer0 (dem0) JAG~Gr0und Zer0 (dem0)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very interesting, and catchy!

I know that you said that one of your weakest points was on melodies. Since you are taking some music theory classes, I would recommend taking this track and playing arpeggios at various tempos. One of the best results form this is that you can see how instruments you never thought would fit with this mix (say, an oboe or a piccolo) can become a very effective melody. After you experiment with the arpeggios, then you can tweak the pitch and duration of the notes to your liking. (Try this for example, with a piccolo, play F6, Ab6, C7, F7, E7, B6, C7, Ab6 over the part where the main synth plays F, C, F C Ab, F). If this is confusing then I'll explain it better later; I'm tired.
Also one other thing; I would put in strong fade/envelopes (or crescendos/decrescendos) over a period of 4-8 measures. This would suck the listener way into the beat....

Now ot listen to your other stuff :)